The Minister of MLSW, Mr. Skender Reçica participated in the 7th Congress of BSPK

Minister of MLSW, Skender Reçica today participated in the 7th Congress of BSPK, which in a word addressed the addressees. Following is the full speech of Minister Reçica to the participants of this congress:
Honored Congressmen, Honored Trade Unions, Honored Host, thank you for the invitation.

I feel honored, since the beginning of my duty, I am a guest of the great union world, that power, which civilization has learned in the rules, has made the worker more dignified and more responsible governments, the healthier economy and society more humane.

Today, you are holding your seventh congress and adding your strength to the union that will change your physiognomy as well as your weight in the wake of the great mission you have.
Kosovo as a new society, driven by invading claws, has a lot of work ahead of itself, has many obligations to society and we are committed to making the legal framework not only fast but also good. This legal framework in our field can not be done either good or soon without the help of trade unions, which constitute the largest group of interest.

Your union is one of the best gifts for me as Minister of Labor and Social Welfare because by joining you increase your weight and become the best partner of the department I am leading.

It is in the nature of the relationship Government – Trade Union harmonization and co-design of actions to make the best working conditions and the most promising labor market.
Workers’ rights should guide both sides towards a common success. Kosovo has moved ahead and today we have a Collective Agreement that should be followed with rights in sectors that are not yet covered by oversight.

The private labor market has much to be harmonized and fulfilled. This has to emerge from the high informality is characterizes. Trade unions have a lot to do in that direction. We must find ways to integrate this great measure.

Standards at work are key to the developmental level of society, and that sector will not increase them until unions are involved there with their branches. This seems a tough job, but not unattainable.
You Honored Syndicates enjoy the respect of the country’s government for your noble mission and the care you showed when we went through some of the hustle and bustle where the country could come from budget imbalances. You were not subjected to the intense interest and the extensive workmanship you represent, and in such cases you direct, understand, and understand you through our new state.

Your congress is a working congress and the unity for the fate of your union is also a call to our responsibility, the department, and the whole government to focus attention on the tasks we have to produce good laws and to put it to life those. I wish to come out with good choices from this Congress and the leaders you choose will welcome cooperation because our interdependence meets each other.

Congratulations congratulations
Congratulations Your Union
Good job.