Minister Mr. Abrashi met the Head of the EU Office in Kosovo and the Special Representative of the EU, Ms. Nataliya Apostolova

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr.  Arban Abrashi received a meeting today with the Head Office and the Special Representative of the EU in Kosovo, Ms. Nataliya Apostolova. Thanking for the EU assistance to Kosovo over the years, the Minister Mr. Abrashi informed Ms. Apostolova with projects MLSW and political developments in the country. Minister Mr. Abrashi explained the ministry projects that aim to increase employment, such as wage subsidies, grants for self-employment, vocational training and training in the workplace, etc. Also, Mr. Abrashi Announced the guest for the reforms to pensions and social welfare in reforming the basic pension scheme saving tens of millions of euro, the reform of social assistance that would stimulate the employment of those who depend on these benefits, etc.

The Special Representative of EU Ms. Nataliya Apostolova, for its part thanked the Minister Mr. Abrashi for the reception  and cooperation with the EU and expressed interest in projects of MLSW and political developments in the country.  Ms. Apostolova showed particular interest in the dialogue between the social partners as a tool for social inclusion and equal development, and implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement, in order for Kosovo to begin to take advantage of all the programs offered by this agreement.