Held the meeting of Interministerial Committee for the Children’s Rights

At the meeting of the Interministerial Committee on the Children’s Rights, which was chaired by the Prime Minister Mr. Isa Mustafa, was also present Deputy Minister / of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj, where during the meeting was the presentation of process of drafting the Strategy and Action Plan for Children’s Rights 2016-2020.


Deputy Minister / Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj in the meeting also discussed the growth of social schemes for children, funding for municipalities and for children with needs and abandoned them. Also during the meeting she said: “Today the rights of children are not able in which we want Kosovo as a state, but we are working continuously to children’s rights to be respected as for any other child in the world with Convention on the Children’s Rights.

Laws that protect these children begin by criminal law, labor, various, international conventions which prohibit abusive work for children and we are working in that direction, that this injustice to be eliminated “.

Deputy Minister / Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj mentioned some of the strategies, as the draft law for the protection of children; Action plan for children’s rights; Children’s education; Government program, etc.

In the end, Deputy Minister / of MLSW Ms. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj said that as the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, will continue to provide funding, also to create sufficient space for recreation for children.