Memorandum of Understanding of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare with the Municipality of Gracanica

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi and Mayor of Gracanica, Mr. Vladeta Kostic signed today a Memorandum of Understanding for institutional residential services.

In order to provide better, more efficient and closer to the citizens of institutional residential services, the agreement provides for the transfer of responsibilities to municipalities for management staff and the House of the Elderly Persons without the Family Care in Gracanica.


According to the legislation in force, under this agreement, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare provides that in the process of implementation of policies and legislation, realized the fulfillment of the required standards in the provision of social services.

In conversation with the mayor of Gracanica, Minister Abrashi emphasized that this agreement comes in line with its commitment to social services to be closer to the citizens. According to the Minister Abrashi in this manner would be improvement of the quality of services and institutional accountability at the municipal level