Labour Inspectorate reports on the achievements of 2016 and the action plan for 2017

Today, in a conference organized by the Labour Inspectorate, within the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, it is reported on the workers’ situation in overall, in the public and private sector. Chief inspector Mr.Basri Ibrahimi, in his report, has made the inspections of 2016 public, and at the same time he has unfolded the plan for 2017.     He added that, despite of the progress achieved during 2016, the main concerning issues are still there, such as workers’s rights, including here the contract compliance, late payment and prolonges schedules, especially in the private sector.

The report shows 7285 inspections that are inspected and treated during 2016, where 456 of them were inspections required by the workers themselves, 115 inspections by other institutions where there are encountered 1300 workers without work contracts ( in the private sector mainly), 9 deaths of workers at the workplace and 128 cases of penalties. According to the Chief inspector, Ibrahimi, the number of penalties and workers without work contracts has decreased compared to 2015 as a result of the continuous work and inspection done to different companies. But still, he pointed out the fact that this number is still concerning.

During the press conference, it was announced that companies that possess more than 50 workers, in accordance with the law, will be obliged to have a certified person for safety and health at workplace. These persons will undergo through a certification based on the legal criteria in order to have a better situation in terms of safety and health of workers.

Whereas for the work plan of 2017, the cheif inspector of the Labour Inspectorate, Mr.Basri Ibrahimi, said that based on the analysis in the field, it is decided to inspect more of these types of businesses which are considered to show less respect on workers’ rights, such as:   physical security companies, hotel companies, small markets, woodworking industries, bakeries, private healthcare and education system, and construction companies.

He invited the media that from the 15th of February on, of this year, to jointly start an intensive inspection compaign for every month, which will initially start the inspections of companies for physical ensurance which will then continue to other companies.

Meanwhile, the Minister of MLSW, Mr.Arban Abrashi, who was present in this conference, had expressed once again his determination to strengthen the system of safety and health at work. He also expressed his concern toward the small number of inspections ,which shows an obstacle for recording  the problems for all companies that operate in Kosovo. He also added that he will put continuous effort with other partners, including here the International Monetary Fund, in order for this year to increase the number of inspectors.

During the conference, it is also revelead the new information platform of the Labor Inspectorate where there will be placed all the information regarding the LI’s mandate.

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