The awareness raising campaign opens for the Health and safety in work

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in cooperation with the European Union Office in Kosovo and other social partners have launched the campaign for Safety and Health at Work.
Through the launch of this awareness campaign, the main goal will be to promote and raise awareness of Kosovo society on legislation on safety and health at work as well as conditions and other work reports with a positive impact on employment, said Deputy Minister of Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare Mr. Safet Kamberi.

“In co-ordination with the technical assistance project, this campaign by promoting many promotional, awareness-raising, informative materials will have visits to companies from various sectors, brochures, posters, bulletins, textile bags, notebooks, media debates and a regional conference on To be concluded at the end of June, “said Deputy Minister Mr. Kamberi.
Deputy Minister Mr. Kamberi also mentioned that the project in question is funded by the European Union, implemented by ARCHIDATA and are intended to assist the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare to bring them closer to and adapt Kosovo’s legislation in the field of Working with EU legal standards.

Meanwhile, the EU representative, Mr. Libor Chlad, who was present at this event, expressed his optimism that this awareness campaign would be a great opportunity to improve the situation in the field of business security between businesses and citizens.
Through this campaign it is made known to the public that citizens in the event of eventual violations of their rights in the workplace can call on the free number of Labor Inspectorate 0800 77577.

On the other hand, the General Inspector of Labor Inspectorate, Mr. Basri Ibrahimi promised that the work of field labor inspectors will be intensified as the safety situation in his workplace according to him has not improved compared to the previous year, citing the number of dead who went to 7 and this represents a state Alarming to operate.

In the capacity of the panelists were also those who from the beginning had given their contribution in the field of safety and health at work, with the help of which will be realized this campaign as KCC, BSPK and NGO “KOSHA”.

With the opening of this campaign at Mother Theresa Square, the exhibition or works on painting with the topic “Safety and Health at Work” was opened.

The event was held at the premises of the EU Info and Culture Center.