Reached an agreement of cooperation between MLSW and Foundation “Create”

Deputy / Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Qazim Rrahmani has signed today a cooperation agreement with the Foundation “ CREATE” which is designed to implement a project to set up employment to the youth of community Rom, Ashkali and Egyptian (EYE-RAE) funded by the Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) office in Kosovo through HELVETAS Swiss Interoperation.
The project called “Capacity building for youth employment of community Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians” will focus on training and vocational rehabilitation and maintenance of relevant training about how to achieve the requirement for employment to employment concrete Foundation CREATE. Also under the agreement will also support new entrepreneurial, successful community.
Under this agreement it is obliged the MLSW through employment offices to make compiling the list of candidates who are registered as unemployed, provide training beside vocational training centers and certification of candidates to ensure successful completion of training.

Regarding the signing of this agreement, Deputy / Minister Mr. Rrahmani said that the Ministry will fulfill the obligations arising from this agreement, and also stated that such cooperation will not miss with any other institution that aims other projects shared in best of all citizens of Kosovo.

During this meeting was attended by the Minister of MLSW Mr. Arban Abrashi who said that within permitted MLSW policies will be further in favor of communities aiming at a better cooperation in the future with Foundation “ CREATE”.