Minister Abrashi met his counterpart from Republic of Latvia, Mr Janis Reirsat

With the invitation of Minister Mr. Abrashi, of Republic of Kosovo is visiting his counterpart from the Republic of Latvia, Minister of Welfare, Mr. Jānis Reirs.

This visit aims to deepen cooperation between institutions of both countries, which on this occasion, Minister Mr. Abrashi and Minister Mr. Reirs, will sign a cooperation agreement, which enables the exchange of experiences, expertise and implementation of projects of mutual interest in field of labor and social welfare.

During this visit, the Minister Mr. Reirs is expected to visit institutions enforcement of labor legislation and vocational training.

In waiting of the Minister Mr, Reirs in the initiative of this visit, the Minister Mr. Abrashi wished a welcomed Minister Mr. Reirs and reaffirmed its commitment to deepen cooperation in the field of labor, welfare, and overall aspects between institutions.

In coordination between the delegations, the Minister Mr. Reirs will visit other central institutions of the Republic of Kosovo.