Minister Abrashi unveils new inspection method

Minister of MLSW Mr. Arban Abrashi, accompanied by the Director of the Executive Body of the Labour Inspectorate, Mr. Basri Ibrahimi, today revealed a new method that will start now the inspection on employers regarding supervision, enforcement and implementation of the Labour Law and the Law on Safety at Work.

This new inspection by them will be compiling a list of the necessary documentation of the legislation and to inform the employers on this list one month before. According to the Minister Abrashi, this new inspection approach will help to reflect the businesses where they have sufficient time to improve if there are delays, pointing to the sensitization and awareness of employers and not penalize them.

“This is a new approach to the supervision of legislation in force by guiding employers on how to implement the laws that they will have one month time to reflect and one day,  anyone can go to the businesses and they cannot say that they are not informed, “added Mr. Abrashi.

During the conference of TEIP Mr. Basri Ibrahimi as activity for 2015 mentioned identification number of workers without contracts, which is significantly lower than that of 2014 and a slight increase of the woman’s employment.

Meanwhile, the chairman of BSPK Mr. Haxhi Arifi, did not deny the achievements of the work of the inspectors during the last year, but did not agree with the new inspection method, which according to him will not reach  to discipline employers.