Abrashi Minister greet’s the teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day

Pristina on March 4, 2017


Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Arban Abrashi, on the occasion of Teachers Day, organized by USESC, he greets the teacher of the Republic of  Kosova, thanking them for their hard work, which inspired idealism and sacrifice for freedom and knowledge of the entire generations.

Minister Abrashi said that investment in education in the Republic of  Kosova, and continued his liaison with the labor market, shows that Kosova is changing fast and for good. “This shows that the Repbulic of  Kosova has developed sustainable social basis beyond basic needs, and for that we owe all of you education activists. Thanks to your work and your commitment, we are where we are today to developing freely. Therefore, the least that we can do today for all of you is to offer you the  dignity “, the Minister Abrashi said in his greetings speech.