Abrashi participates in the Global Conference “ She Decides”

Brussels, 2nd of March, 2017

Being invited by the four Ministers of Development and International Cooperation, that of Belgium, Sweden, Holand and Denmark, who are also the co-organizers of the National Conference of Brussels “She Decides”, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr.Arban Abrashi, is going to participate in this initiative.
Regarding the Conference “ She Decides” , Minister Abrashi has discussed with many homologous of Governments from different places around the world, leaders of international organizations engaged in the protection and promotion of Women and Girls rights, where he had informed them about the plans of Government and the Ministry on the empowerment of women in the Republic of Kosovo.
“She decides” is a fundraising platform with the aim of supporting the developing countries in the protection and promotion of women and girls rights regarding the maternal health and the planning of their future in general.

The Conference is a good opportunity to affirm  the policy-making developments in the field of health and the empowerment of women in the Republic of Kosova, and it is also a good opportunity for a connection to the Government and other specialized organizations, which makes Kosovo benefit from it.