Deputy / Minister Qazim Rahman met with the Mayor of the Municipality of Shtime Mr. Naim Ismaili

April 28, 2014- Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MLSW) Mr. Qazim Rahmani visited the municipality of Shtime, where he met with the Mayor of the Municipality of Shtime Mr. Naim Ismaili.

Deputy Minister of MLSW, Mr. Qazim Rahmani thanked Mr. Ismajlin for his commitment dedicated to the communities and mentioned that there are two Municipalities (Shtime and Ferizaj) have not problems in the integration of communities which are now jointly engaged in the state-building of Kosova.

Deputy Minister Rahmani announced the chairman that the MLSW has launched the Project 2015 for the Self-Employment for people who have a certain profile to develop a workshop.


Meanwhile, the Mayor of Shtime Mr. Naim Ismajli has informed the Deputy Minister Rrahmani about the progress on the daily lives of communities, with particular emphasis the Roma, Ashkali community in the municipality of Shtime. He said that the municipality of Shtime, respectively Office for the Returns and Communities, has made a great job of integrating of the communities by interesting for their social and economic life. Also Chairman Ismajli mentioned incentives for the minority communities education through grant’s of the scholarships, which this year made three years that contribute in this regard.