Deputy / Minister of MLSW, Mr. Qazim Rahmani, visited a Municipality of Vushtrri

Deputy/  Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Qazim Rahman visited the Mayor of Municipality of Vushtria Mr. Bajram Mulaku, where the purpose of the meeting was informed closely with the problems of RAE community.

Deputy/ Minister Mr. Rahmani said that as Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will continue to cooperate further with the municipality of  Vushtrria, to jointly tackle any problems that RAE community faces.


While the Mayor of municipality of Vushtria Mr. Bajram Mulaku First congratulated for the new position Deputy Minister Rahmani, also stressed that the minority of community RAE numerous requests and that their living situation is not so good, I will try that in cooperation with MLSW to see new opportunities for greater support in this regard.


During the meeting, Deputy Minister Rahmani along with the Mayor of Vushtrria Mr. Bajram Mulaku have visited several villages with a family with minority community, where the familiarized with the living conditions of these families.