Deputy Minister Dukolli visited the company “Sharrcem”

June 13th, 2018
Elez Han
Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Çerkin Dukolli, who is also chair of the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health, visited today the Cement Factory “Sharrcem” in Hani i Elezit. Accompanied by members of the Council, they were closely acquainted with the protective and preventive measures applied in Sharrcem for occupational safety and health.
Deputy Minister Dukolli said that within the two-year work plan and visits planned to various companies, the NCOSH has not accidentally selected Sharrcem. “Occupatinal safety and health is an issue that concerns us all. In these visits we are being informed directly by the workshops about the conditions and working environment of workers, in particular with regard to safety and health at work. ” Dukolli added that this practice will continue in other companies, not only to scan the situation, but will be drawn approximately accurate conclusions, on how to act further and share experiences, affirming this way good business examples in the application of preventive measures in the protection of health and safety at workplaces.
Meanwhile, the managing director at Sharrcem, Thomas Galvas, said that the management of the company is making its best in the safety field. He informed Deputy Minister Dukolli that by applying the best practices of occupational safety and health in “Sharrcem”, no injuries were reported in the last two years. Galvas said that the management of the company is open to cooperation and that various comments or suggestions in the field of security are welcome.
At the end of the visit, the NCOSH was pleased with the work and dedication of Sharrcem Management in providing a good environment where the safety and health of employees has already become a priority of the company. In the following days, the Council will also visit other industries across the country, both in the public and private sectors.