Deputy Minister Dukolli waited today the Director of FCI, Dajana Berisha

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Çerkin Dukolli, received a meeting today with the Executive Director of the Forum for Civil Initiatives, Dajana Berisha. At this meeting were discussed about the ways and areas of cooperation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare with civil society.
Deputy Minister Dukolli said that the cooperation of the MLSW will always be open to civil society, and at this stage that our country is going through, we do not see civil society as an opponent, but as a powerful ally on our journey to create a a decent dignity for the citizens. “Civil society aid to us is welcome at any moment and we will be ready to concretize this cooperation, especially with the projects for entrepreneurship that help the sustainable employment of young people,” said Dukolli.
FCI Executive Director, Ms. Berisha, thanked Deputy Minister for the willingness of cooperation and in this front, civil society will continue to contribute to affirmation and support of new ideas for young entrepreneurs, their training and mentoring. “Our common priority is the employment of young people and women, while our projects will further focus on the energy sector, agriculture and the environment,” said the Director of Forum for Civil Initiative, Dajana Berisha.