New jobs for young people in Peja and Gjakova

Within the Project “Creative Enterprise” which has come as close cooperation between the Municipality of Peja and the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy, Minister of MLSW Mr. Arban Abrashi signed Cooperation Agreement with Mr. Maurizio Cami by Associazione Trentino con of Balcani.

This agreement is signed for a period of 2 years provides cooperation and support sustainable employment and self-employment of young people, with particular attention to the most disadvantaged groups in the labor market, promoting new approaches tailored to employment through the design, development and implementation of active measures of the labor market, combining skills development and follow-up measures, with a focus on strategic sectors of agriculture and tourism in the regions of Peja and Gjakova.

With a case of signing of this agreement, the present was the Ambassador of Italy in Kosovo Mr. Andreas Ferarese, which assessed as fruitful cooperation between Kosovo and Italy.