Press Release

The program “Beautiful Kosova II”, funded by the European Commission, implemented by IOM in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, today in Dragash is inauguration the project “Renovation of the facade of the Health Centre Dragash “.

On this occasion, Deputy Minister of the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mrs. Rita Hajzeraj-Beqaj, on behalf of MLSW thanked the EU Office in Kosova through the funding of such projects is continuously supports citizens of the Republic of Kosova, support this that directly affects the improvement of people’s lives.

“The projects that are being implemented by this program, unless they have created better conditions for disadvantaged social groups and better access to public infrastructure, are creating short-term employment opportunities for a number of long-term unemployed, who are registered at employment offices and beneficiaries of the second category of Social Assistance Scheme “-has said Mrs. Hajzeraj-Beqaj.

Further Deputy Minister Hajzeraj-Beqaj, the attendees said that MLSW to its mission is to enhance the welfare and creating employment opportunities and vocational training for jobseekers of the Republic of Kosova, through the implementation of the active measures of the employment and support through donor projects, on average through mediation in employment, achieved to employ approximately 7 thousand jobseekers within the year.

“The Government of the Republic of Kosova and the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, will continue in the future cooperation with donors and municipalities through such projects and active measures to create employment opportunities for access to the labor market for all its citizens “said Mrs. Hajzeraj-Beqaj at the end of her speech.

Façade renovation in Health Centre in Dragash has allowed short-term employment for 57 jobseekers, of which 37 were long-term unemployed who are registered as jobseekers in Employment Office.