On Friday, 27/12/2013, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Nenad Rasic, in the premises of Hotel “Sirius”, beginning at 15:00 am will hold a closing press conference for 2013 which will introduce MLSW meeting targets during 2013. All media are invited to attend this conference of the Minister Rasic. Welcome.

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Nenad Rasic, representatives from the Norwegian Embassy in Pristine, and the Institute for Development and Integration (IDI) makes the division of labor contracts for beneficiaries from the project “Promoting employment and growth opportunities for young people “. This project was funded by MLSW and the Norwegian Embassy in Pristine and implemented by IDI Office.

This pilot project started to be implemented from April 2013 initially in four municipalities (Kamenica, Ranillug, Gracanica and Fushe Kosovo). The project is aimed at providing opportunities for young people from non-majority communities, not excluding even the majority, as well as their support for incentive towards sustainable employment.