The Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Northern Macedonia will implement a joint customs control at the railway crossing

The Minister of Finance, Labour and Transfers, Hekuran Murati and the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Fatmir Besimi, signed today at the joint meeting of the two Governments held in Northern Macedonia the implementation agreement on the regulation of Border Railway Traffic.


The signing of this agreement is a continuation of the cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the field of border railway traffic, where the main goal remains the simplification of the organization of this traffic and the reduction of waiting time at border crossings.


With the entry into force of this agreement, among other things, this determines the manner of carrying out customs controls and the implementation of customs procedures for railway traffic by customs officials of both parties in the railway area.


On this occasion, an important step is marked towards the further development of relations between the two countries and the deepening of cooperation in the field of communication, in line with the Government’s priorities for sustainable development of the country.