Mr. Reçica belongs to the representatives of GIZI-DIMAK, talk about legal migration for employment

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Mr. Skender Reçica received in a meeting the representatives of GIZ-DIMAK (German Information Center on Migration, Training and Career) with whom he talked about youth employment, with special emphasis on expanding opportunities for legal migration for employment of vocational training of young people in EU countries, in this case in Germany.

Minister Mr. Reçica praised the work done so far by GIZ-DIMAK on the orientation and counseling of citizens for migration, and praised the cooperation between GIZ and MLSW, demanding that one be strengthened even more, especially on seasonal employment of Kosovo citizens.

“Kosovo faces a high level of unemployment for which MLSW, together with its partners such as GIZ, are making maximum efforts to mitigate this situation”, said Minister Reçica.

He stressed that one of the main needs in terms of employment is the orientation of career young people because Kosovo is faced with the discrepancy of professional skills with the needs of the labor market.

“A short term solution would be to engage our young people for seasonal and temporary work in EU countries. Qualified workforce according to EU standards could stimulate foreign investment in Kosovo, because they would find skilled labor and cheaper than EU countries, “Reçica said.

On the other hand, Nina Theis, Head of GIZ-DIMAK at center level in Germany, thanked the Minister for Co-operation.

Theis expressed full agreement that career guidance for young people is an issue that should be focused on future projects between GIZ and MLSW.

She said that GIZ will provide all the assistance needed to support MLSW and the Employment Agency in terms of unemployment alleviation, especially for providing legal migration opportunities for employment of Kosovo citizens.