Mr. Reqica called for the support of the Parliamentary Commission for the implementation of pension reform

Pristina, 25 June 2020

At today’s meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Minister Mr. Reçica reported on the implementation of measures envisaged in the Emergency Fiscal Package approved by the Government, to assist the poor strata of society and affected businesses. from COVID-19 pandemic.

He informed the members of the Commission about all the steps taken by MLSW, in order to implement the measures that fall under the responsibility of the ministry, specifically for the first measure – double payment of the value of the social scheme (for 3 months); the second measure – additional payment of 30 euros per month, for all beneficiaries of social and pension schemes, who receive less than 100 euros (for 3 months), as well as the fifteenth measure – monthly payment of 130 euros, for citizens declared unemployed and having no other monthly income from the state budget. Reçica underlined that this measure has encountered some difficulties in implementation, not through the fault of MLSW, but mainly for technical reasons.

In this meeting of the Commission, Minister Mr. Reçica informed the deputies about the priorities of the Ministry and at the same time asked for their support for the implementation of the legislative plan in the field of labor and social welfare, with special emphasis on the implementation of pension reform.