Inauguration of two investments, Government of the Republic of Kosova and EU, in Peja

Today, during his visit in Peja, Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi attended in the inauguration of two joint investments of the EU and the Government of Kosova in the kosovar enterprise. The first inaugurated was the production line of shirts in the textile factory “ArtaTex”.

In this factory that was inaugurated in cooperation with the Mayor of Peja, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Office of the European Union in Kosova, are employed 30 people most of them women.

The company already employs 100 other people in other lines of production. Therefore, inauguration in the wood factory “The River” which deals with the production of doors, windows, kitchens, it was the launching of the producing machinery also cofinanced by the Government of the Republic of Kosova and the EU. Both these companies are an example of the spirit of entrepreneurship in the Republic of Kosova and their unconditional support of the Government of Kosova and the European Union. The total amount of these investments is up to 4.5 million euros.