Conference for achievements of Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

Employment and Vocational Training

1.There are identified over 14 thousands vacancies


• From the Employment offices, there are mediated over 4 thousand people in a regular employment;
– 700 people more than in the last year;
• There have benefited over 1700 women from the Maternity Leave.
• Over 1300 people have been provided with services in the migration field;
• Over 6500 job-seekers have been trained, 1800 of them were women and 450 of them were minorities;
• Over 5000 people have been certified;
• The capacity of Employment Office has been increased;
• The performance system of all Employment Offices has been formalized.

Welfareand Social Assistance

1. During 2016, over 26.000 families with over 107.000 members have received social assistance
• 145 Social serviceproviders are licensed,
o 87 of them, social and family service providers for the superior level,
o 58 of them for the basic level.
• 18 Non-Governmental Organizations that provide social and family services are licensed.
• 12 standards have been developed for social services;
• 150 officials are trained by a managerial level, and the levels of Municipal Dectorates for Social Health and Welfare.
• It has been provided  Foster Care for 560 children.
• It has been provided service in 6 regional shelters for protection for domestic violence;
o There is provided social service for 420 cases of domestic violence, where 237 of them were women, respectively 186 children as victims of the domestic violence.
• 20 projects of NGOs have been supported with over 50% of the financing costs of the each project destined for the provision of social and family services.
• The decentralization of services for the erlderly is done in Istog (Gurakoc),  Graçanice, and Public Houses for People with Special Needs in Shtime,
• The Medical Commission, 1st level, has done the evaluation of the Disability for over 21.900 requests.
o 89%  of them are assessed as unable to work;
• MLSW has made a regular control in 13 SWC and has checked 966 subjects of social assistance users.
o 666 or 68.94% ofsubjects-files has resulted to be completed.
• Direct verification is done to 891 families in their residences.
o 743 or 83.39% of the familieshaveresulted to be selectable.
Pensions and benefits (including the negotiation with the foreignes)
2. There has been done the categorizationof the users of contribution-payer pension according to the qualifying structure and the duration of contribution payment.
• Over 95% of the requests and complaints are filed regarding  the realization of the right to pension schemes.
• The recommendations of the General Auditor are addressed, MLSW has been engaged in discipline of the pension and social scheme.
• It has been done a cooperation with the Civil Registry Agency, Tax Administration of Kosovo, and Religious Communities.
• The work experience for the education workers during 1989-1999 is acknowledged.
• In accordance with the legislation, the support for warcategories has continued;
Agreements that help the support of the respective categories are concluded, and also the Memorandum which exempt from payment of the electricity between MLSW, MED, KEK-KEDS;
• There have been discussions and consultations with delegations of Macedonia, Belgium and Switzerland.
o This process is expected to be extended with Kroatia, Slovenia, Germany and Austria.

3. 4 Laws have been approved

• More precisely, Law on Training, Vocational Training and Employment of People with Special Needs.
• Law on registration and provision of services for unemployed people, job-seekers and employers.
• And Law for Social Enterprises as well.
• Amendment on Law for the war veterans;
• A series of normative regulations have been issued:

o The Decision for Establishing  the National Council for Safety and Health at Work;

o Approval of the Action Plan 2015-2016, in order to eliminate all the worst types of works for Children in Kosovo.

o Regulation for the functioning and work in shelters for support and rehabilitation of victims of trafficking.

o Regulation for the minimum requirements of the safety and health, for the use of personal protective equipment in the working place.
o Regulation for the minimum requirements of the safety and health of employees regarding the workload.

o For the minimum requirements for ensuring the safety and health signs in work.

o The minimum requirements for the safety and health for employees who work in risky environments.
o For the minimum requirements of the safety and health for works with display screen equipment.


We have developed the IPA Action document adopted by the EC 2016, including 3 projects, and the total value of EC contribution is 8 million euro
• MLSW has done” The process of Coordination for Reviewing and Monitoring NPISAA ; (NPISAA- National Programee for  Implementation of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement)”
• The Internal Work Plan of MLSW in 2016 is drafted, which serves as an instrument for planning and evaluating the performance.
• It is given contribution to the Guide for Implemtation of National Strategies and the Economic Reform Program.


Labour Inspectorate has conducted 6716 inspections

• The total number of workers inspected during this period was 55,749, where 44,252 of them were males and 11383 were females;
• By these inspections, it is formatted the Labor Relation of more than 1300 workers.

• 115 fines were imposed, and over 800 written warnings are done to entities;

• The commission for licensing the legal entities who perform through OSH is established and functionalized.

• Strategic Development Plan was drafted for the Labour Inspectorate, 2017-2021.


Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare has been provided with 377,518,382,53 Euro

• MLSW has respected the limits allowed for the budget year 2017;
• According to the forecast of MTED 2017-2019, policies and priority programs of MLSW has been prepared.