Annual Conference held for the prevention and elimination of children’s labour

On the occasion of June 12, the International Day for Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, namely Committee of Kosova for the Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour (KCPECL), for the fifth time in a row has held an annual conference where is presented Annual Report on the Implementation of the Action Plan for the Prevention and Elimination of Children’s Labour, 2012.

In the presence of KCPECL members, children’s from different regions of the Republic of Kosova, all communities and other guests, MLSW Minister, Mr. Nenad Rshiq, who is also the chairman of KCPECL, said that the Government of the Republic of Kosova is committed in fulfillment and implementation of all international standards aimed protecting and respecting the rights of children, creating socio-economic conditions that promote and provide welfare and the future of children and also the implementation of all obligations under the conventions of the International Labour Organization.