Minister Mr. Abrashi requires a understanding from  veterans, the verification is still in process

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, informs the general public and all veterans of war, that is continuously performed all necessary actions towards the fulfillment of legal obligations. In this context, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare welcomes all articulated and legitimate requirements in the process. At the same time, we wish to inform all the legitimate representatives of categories from the war of the KLA, that this is a complex process that requires action in the field of verification, management and implementation of the scheme rules, and in this context we reiterate that anyone who meets criteria will benefit from the scheme provided.

In view of the institutional and public transparency, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare confirms the progressive realization of the scheme and the obligations arising from it. During the month of December they are paid 13,324 pensions to veterans of war, and in January were paid 14,923 war veterans, while the 3400 is in the process of verification, which means comparing the data with TAK, TRUST, completion of the file, opening bank accounts, etc.

This scheme is being implemented for the first time after 16 years, and as such, its implementation requires commitment, in order to avoid any mismanagement and abuse.