Notification of MLSW regarding the misuse of an official credit-card by former Deputy / Minister, Qazim Rrahmani

Prishtina, 10 February 2017


On the issue of the use of official credit card of former Deputy Minister of MLSW, Mr. Qazim Rrahmani, we explain the opinion that to cover the costs incurred, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, as has warned the former deputy minister, to irregular the use of official credit card has taken necessary actions in accordance with policies.


Specifically, it is blocking further use of credit card and applying the ban of 50% in salary, the amount of unjustified expenditure from February of last year.

Regarding the remainder of unjustified funds spent by official credit card, Deputy Minister Rrahmani promised that the money will be back in the MLSW budget by the end of this month, on the contrary, MLSW will inform the treasury and the competent authorities to take the necessary actions.