Starts implementation of the project every family by one employee

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, together with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Fatmir Limaj, have held today meetings and discussions with beneficiary families of the Social Assistance Scheme in the municipalities Therandë and Prizren.

The purpose of the meeting is to refer to the MLSW project regarding the employment of a family member who does not have any employees, and who have at least one job-able member.

Minister Reçica, during the meeting with beneficiary families of social assistance in both municipalities, said MLSW, with the support of the country’s government, is committed to alleviating unemployment.

“Since we are not happy with what has been offered to you over the years both in terms of material and employment, we have seen it necessary to start with this project, the possibility of employing at least one member of the family yours, “said Reçica.

Minister Reçica also appealed to all members of families who are not professionally prepared to come within the scope of active labor market measures at the Employment Offices and to visit the Vocational Training Centers to train in different    profiles that are offered there.

Meanwhile, all those who are professionally prepared, the minister said they would be involved in public affairs, subsidized in salary or other forms, within the framework of active labor market measures, where it was shown that MLSW has already started cooperation with public enterprises and businesses that have shown readiness for employment.

The Minister announced that within the efforts that the MLSW is doing to increase employment is the support of new entrepreneurs and the commitment to sign contracts for seasonal employment of the citizens of Republic of Kosova in some of the European Union countries. “We assure you that your involvement in the labor market will be the focus of our policies and strategies,” said Minister Reçica.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova, Fatmir Limaj, said that the commitment to hire a member of families who do not have any employees is a top priority of the country’s government.

“The idea of ​​these meetings, which will continue in other municipalities, is to acquaint citizens with the opportunities that the state and municipality have for employment opportunities for our citizens. Those families that have a capabale member for work will not remain without work, “Deputy Prime Minister Limaj said.

During the following weeks, visits and meetings will be held with social assistance beneficiaries in all municipalities in Republic of  Kosova.