Continued implementation of the project “Beautiful Kosova”

Proceed further with the implementation of the project which has shown successful so far “Beautiful Kosova”, whose aim is to contribute to poverty reduction through increased opportunities to generate work places for the people long-term unemployed registered at employment centers , women and persons with disabilities.

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Nenad Rasic together with the chief of Operations of the European Commission in Kosova, Mr. Christof Stock, Head of IOM, Mr. Jorge Baca and the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Local Government Administration, Mr. Slobodan Petrovic, yesterday made a visit to Kllokot Municipality, inaugurated the project “Construction of kindergarten” in Kllokot Municipality, which includes building and furnishing new garden. The total amount of the project had reached a value of 104 895 Euros including municipal contribution of 20,000 Euros and is implemented during the period June 2012-May 2013.

The “Beautiful Kosova” is a project designed as a program of the European Union; the financing of which a substantial part of the money has done the European Commission Office in Kosova therefore the implementation did IOM- International Organization for Migration.

During the works construction of the kindergarten are created 36 new jobs, including 27 persons registered in the Employment Centre within MLSW as unemployed person which of these 27 persons 12 are from minority groups and 3 feminine genders, long-term work places five have been created with the implementation of this project.

Minister Rasic during his stay in the municipality was satisfied with the work done and also promised that this would not be the last projects that aimed the employment, but through Project “Beautiful Kosova”, as he said, in other phases of the project, MLSW will continue to implement new programs that enable the reduction of unemployment as a serious problem in this municipality.