MLSW negotiates a social security agreement with the Kingdom of Belgium

Pristina, on 14 June 2017

The Delegation of the Republic of Kosovo and the Kingdom of Belgium are conducting the second round of talks in Pristina on the negotiation of the Social Security Agreement. Talks started on 12th of this month are expected to end on 15 June, 2017.

During this round of talks, technical groups are expected to finalize the texts of the General Agreement on Social Security and Administrative Arrangements.

The agreement reached will be of particular importance as this agreement will replace the inherited agreement, which was signed in the distant 1954 and will positively influence the advancement of bilateral relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Kingdom of Belgium.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare will continue to work on this agreement to be finalized by technical groups and as soon as possible pass the necessary procedures for its ratification.