MLSW and HELP present the achievements of the three-years of cooperation

Pristina, 11 April 2018

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Mr. Çerkin Dukolli and representatives of the organization “Help” took part today in the conclusion of the three year project “Support for socio-economic stability through the strengthening of micro-business in Kosovo”, which has benefited 850 micro-business and 600 young Kosovars were trained.

Deputy Minister Mr. Dukolli said that the policies related to the field of employment and social welfare are not only one of the most important priorities of the Government, but are also closely linked with the EU integration agenda and in line with the commitments and the objectives of the European Economic Reform Program and the Stabilization and Association Agreement.
“Despite recent improvements in the labor market and ongoing actions, unemployment remains the main economic and social challenge in the country. The recent economic growth is insufficient to significantly improve labor market performance”, he said.
He added that the possibilities for reforms in Kosovo’s employment policy system and the creation of a fund that should be organized within the Employment Agency are being analyzed, which will be used to implement more effectively and substantially the employment policies where the number of beneficiaries would naturally increase.

He thanked all partners who have contributed together with the ‘Help’ Organization on the successful road to the project, “Support for socio-economic stability through the strengthening of micro-business in Kosovo. “As a result of this joint commitment, over 600 new and existing businesses have been created and created, new jobs have been created, many other people have been trained and all these have had a positive impact on their lives and households,” he said.

Thanks to the German Government and other donors who through the organization HELP Kosovo have implemented this project, Deputy Minister Mr. Dukolli said that MLSW remains committed to concrete commitments and projects that will help the employment and growth of the labor market in the country.