MLSW Sector Strategy and Action Plan 2018-2022 is approved

Today, at the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kosova, the Sector Strategy and Action Plan of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare 2018-2022 was approved.

MLSW Minister Skender Reçica emphasized that Sector Strategy aims to improve public service policies in the field of employment and well-being of citizens and aims to guide and coordinate actions for achieving the development objectives envisaged in the National Development Strategy, dealing with reducing the level of unemployment with focus on young people and women, raising the skills of the workforce, and other important areas.

Minister Reçica further underlined that, in order to realize the vision of this strategy, four objectives are foreseen: reduction of inactivity through increased employment and capacity development in line with labor market needs; improving working conditions and reducing informality by strengthening oversight and strengthening social dialogue; enhancing social welfare through the expansion and enhancement of the quality of protection and social and family services; as well as the realization of pension rights benefits through the development of a sustainable pension system, the harmonization of the legal framework and the enhancement of institutional human and technological capacities.

This strategy is an integral part of the strategic documents of the Republic of Kosova and is also based on the National Strategy for Development, as well as the measures envisioned in the Agenda for European Reform, the Economic Reform Program, the Southeastern Europe 2020 Strategy and the National Implementation Plan of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

MLSW, with the adoption of the Sector Strategy, has also fulfilled an activity envisaged in the European Agenda for Action and the National Plan for the Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement and also constitutes a strategic document providing clear guidelines for employment and welfare policies in direction of the Republic of Kosova integration into the European Union.