In Brussels, the Social Security Agreement between the Republic of Kosova and the Kingdom of Belgium was signed

Bruksel, 20 February 2018
Today, at a ceremony in Brussels, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, has signed a Social Security Agreement with his counterpart, Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health, Dr. Maggie De Block.
This is the first international social security agreement, which directly benefits Kosovar citizens who have worked and acted in the Kingdom of Belgium. On this occasion, Minister Reçica thanked the Belgian Government, especially Minister De Block for her dedication and the expert group for their excellent work.
Minister Reçica stressed that the signing of this agreement coincides with the 10th anniversary of Kosova independence and this event as it fulfills even more this feast-day, adding that this is an agreement with a friend state who is showing that the Republic of Kosova is a equal partner.
Also, Minister De Block stressed the importance of this agreement, pointing out that the citizens of both countries will benefit from this in the area of insurance and social protection.
With this agreement signed today, the Republic of Kosova has opened the way that soon conclude such agreements with other states, where our citizens have acted and poured their sweat.