Minister Reçica met with representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Welfare and Consumer Protection in Vienna

Vienna, 25 October 2017
Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, together with the associates and the Ambassador of Republic of Kosova  in Vienna, Sami Ukelli met with representatives of the Ministry of Labor for Social Welfare and Consumer Protection in Vienna, Austria and the Head of the European Center for Research and Social Welfare Policies. On this occasion, Minister Reçica thanked the representative for the warm hospitality and for all the assistance that the Austrian state has given to the development and democratization of the state of the Repbulic of Kosova.
Minister Reçica informed the representative of the Ministry about the situation in the Republic of Kosova, the governance plan and the European integration process of Kosova. He focused on the social situation of Kosova’s citizens and the measures that the Kosova government is undertaking to improve their social welfare.
The ministry has drafted its sector strategy and action plan,  and the action plan for youth in the field of employment and emphasized that the government’s focus is to reduce the number of social assistance beneficiaries by employing beneficiaries from this category and also increase employment of young people and women, through self-employment, entrepreneurship and active labor market measures.
Minister Reçica asked interlocutors to start negotiations on a social security agreement between the state of Republic of  Kosova and the state of Austria. On this occasion, the minister pledged to fulfill the agreed obligations between the parties.
The Austrian representatives also briefed the Minister on the possibilities of cooperation between the state of Kosova and Austria and the seasonal employment opportunities of Kosova’s citizens in the field of agriculture and tourism.
The parties agreed on the continuation and deepening of cooperation in the field of social policies and the assistance of the Austrian state to increase the welfare and employment growth in the Republic of Kosova.