Minister mR. Reçica met with the coordinator of TIKA Kosova, they talk about the intensification of cooperation

Pristina, on 19.06.2020

The Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, mR. Skender Reçica, received the Coordinator of TIKA Kosova, Mr. Hasan Burak Ceran, with whom he talked about the intensification of cooperation between MLSW and TIKA Kosova.

Minister Reçica from Mr. Ceran has been informed about the projects that TIKA is currently developing in Kosovo, such as the construction of the center for people with autism and Down syndrome, which is a much needed project for these categories of the region of Pristina, but also of Kosovo in general. . He also stressed that TIKA has good cooperation with municipalities, but also with the central level and does not lack dedication to help the people of Kosovo.

Minister Mr. Reçica expressed his gratitude for all the work done by the Turkish government, especially TIKA, which has supported Kosovo with many necessary projects, both in the field of education, economy and social.

“With Mr. Ceran, we agreed to increase the cooperation between TIKA and MLSW in order to see the possibility for the realization of concrete projects, which are for the benefit of all citizens “, said the Minister of MLSW, Skender Recica.