Minister Reçica participated in the work of KCPECL

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica, participated in the work of Kosovo Committee for the Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour. On this occasion, he discussed about the work of KCPEPRF and the detailed report on findings of the Committee regarding the identification of cases of serious and dangerous work for children under the age of 18.

Minister Reçica said that, in the future, there will be a greater institutional engagement in preventing and eliminating the involvement of children in serious and dangerous work. He pledged that, based on the current legislation and the legal reform which will be advanced, the treatment of this category will find a deserved place in society. “I congratulate you on the good work, but we should not stop here. Children care will always be one of the major priorities of our preventive policies in protecting our young generations. MLSW will always offer institutional protection in eliminating this phenomenon.” said Minister Reçica.

In the report of KCPEPRF which was presented today, and in the findings of the Labor Inspectorate of MLSW, it was found that there was not even a case of engagement of children in serious work from the fieldwork of the Inspectorate.

Based on the KCPEPRF report and the implementation of the Action Plan for 2017, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare as well as institutional partners concluded that the situation in this area is significantly better than in the previous years. In this case, it was requested that the data base be supplemented continuously and the efficiency of cooperation from the central level with the local government be increased, with special emphasis on Social Work Centers.