Minister Reçica invites youth to visit Vocational Training Centers

Prishtina,  26 Mars 2018
In the framework of promoting active labor market measures, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Skender Reçica visited Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) in Pristina and Mitrovica, where vocational training and retraining services are provided.
At the VTC in Pristina, the Minister met the youth, among them with graduate studies currently attending training.
Also, the minister met some young people with down syndrome, who are being trained in this center, on the basis of an agreement between MLSW and the “Down Syndrome Kosova” association for the professional training of 30-45 youth with this syndrome, in the centers in Pristina, Mitrovica and Prizren.
Minister Reçica congratulated the youth on the work they are doing and congratulated VTC representatives on the tireless engagement.
“I invite as many young people as possible to enroll in the Employment Offices and come to visit our Vocational Training Centers because there are a number of profiles and it is a good opportunity to be able to become a part of the labor market “said the minister.
Further, the Minister visited the VTC in Mitrovica where he was informed by the youth and center representatives about the trainings being held in areas such as Construction, Informatics, Kitchen, Tailoring, etc.
In Mitrovica, the Minister also met Ms. Shehrije Carani, who has completed vocational training at VTC and has been certified in the profession of chef, where she was employed in kindergarten ”Gëzimi Ynë” in Mitrovica.
Mrs. Carani said the training she attended served a lot to be trained and find work right after the end of the training at the center.
During the visit to the kindergarten where Mrs. Carani works, Minister Reçica said that her example should serve as a success model and at the same time invited women to become part of the training offered at VTC in Mitrovica.
The minister added that vocational training and retraining are key to alleviating unemployment in the country and also among the main priorities of MLSW.