Minister Mr. Arban Abrashi inaugurated the Vocational Training Centre in Gjakova

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi, was welcomed today by the Mayor of the Municipal Assembly of Gjakova, Ms. Mimoza Kusari.

Minister Mr. Arban Abrashi attended the inauguration of the Regional Vocational Training Centre in Gjakova. Mr. Abrashi said this is a good cooperation with the municipality of Gjakova, and the Vocational Training Center is of particular importance to young people of Gjakova, both for young people surrounding municipalities.

“It is an investment of 2000 m2, worth 500 thousand euro investment and will not stop there. Now we are in the process of equipping the cabinet with the necessary machinery. With this investment we have completed physical infrastructure and we agreed with the Mayor Ms. Lila that the next few years working in professional curriculum “. Mr. Abrashi added that in the coming years will come the new projects which are related to human capacity building through the engagement of the business community, chambers of commerce and other interested parties, for a professional training.

“The opening of the Vocational Training Centre, Innovation Centre and vocational schools is of great importance for the municipality of Gjakova. The next step of the municipality in partnership with the Government is to finalize the industrial area, which will provide greater opportunities for youth employment, “said Ms. Lila- Kusari.