Arban Abrashi Minister announced pensioners of Gjakova with the new pension scheme

Gjakovë, 16 November 2015 

Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Arban Abrashi, during a visit held today in Gjakova, met with representatives and members of the Associationof Pensioners of Gjakova.

During the meeting, Minister Abrashi as listening the problems and needs of pensioners from Gjakove and presented their demands to the Minister Abrashi.

Minister Arban Abrashi after he listening the pensioners, announced them with the new pensioner scheme, which provides pension increment up to 100 Euro.

Minister Abrashi also explained that the basic non-respective contribution schemes will be removed only those persons who are not residents of the Repulic of Kosova.

The meeting ended with joint agreement that consultations with pensioners continue in the future.

Minister Abrashi once again emphasizes the support of the Government of the Republic of Kosova for Kosovar pensioners.