Cooperation agreement between MLSW and Down Syndrome Kosova for the youth with Down syndrome

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Skender Reçica visited today the “Down Syndrome Kosova” Association in Pristina, where he signed a Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the “Down Syndrome Kosova” association regarding the development of vocational trainings for young people with Down syndrome. These trainings will be held in three major vocational training centers in Kosovo, namely in Pristina, Prizren and Mitrovica.

On this occasion, Minister Reçica said that with the signing of this agreement, through the vocational training centers in these three municipalities of Kosovo, young people from the “Down Syndrome Kosova” will have opportunities for vocational training and then employment for the needs of this category in our society.

Mr. Reçica further added that all this commitment aims to give a message and equal opportunity in society, by fully respecting human rights and diversity, in order to contribute in improvement of the standard of living and development in general of people with Down syndrome and the empowerment of their families.

“It’s a moral step, and the agreement we just signed with the” Down Syndrome Kosova “association has to do with the support that we as MLSW are offering through vocational training centers through professional training to create employment opportunities, “ added Mr. Reçica.

Meanwhile, the director of this association Mrs. Sebahate Hajdini – Beqiri, thanked Minister Reçica for the visit he made to this association, expressing the will and desire to cooperate even more for the benefit of this category of our society in the future.