Deputy Minister Makolli hosted the representatives of the ‘Malteser’ association from Germany

Prishtina, 15 May 2019

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Vesel Makolli, hosted today the representatives of the Humanitarian Association from Germany ‘Malteser’.

Mr. Makolli thanked them for the considerable assistance that this association has made in Republic of Kosova for the vulnerable categories of institutions, the Special Institute in Shtime and the House of Elders in Pristina. He promised them that the Republic of Kosova institutions will co-ordinate activities with the ‘Malteser’ association in the future. “We will see and study our priorities, as well as concrete opportunities for cooperation. At this stage that our country is going through, we still need to help us, whether in terms of material, in human capacity training but also in terms of the concept, given Germany’s great experience in social policy’’, emphasized Deputy Minister Makolli.

Representative of the Malteser association Stepan Schvarz said that the assistance provided to the institutions that care for these categories was made with the will and the great will. He expressed his willingness to continue this cooperation in the future. In this meeting, Schwarz asked Kosova institutions to identify needs and priorities in more detail in the format of a project with a competent and professional staff to help the Republic of Kosova to be more sustainable and long-lasting.

The cooperation with the ‘Malteser’ association and the emigrants from the Republic of Kosova, led by activist Hetem Misini, has now become an annual one. For three years, humanists from Germany through ‘Malteser’ help vulnerable category institutions in Republic of Kosova.