Kosovo and Switzerland signed an agreement on the field of social securities

Bern, 1st of June 2017


Today on the 1st of June 2017, in Bern of Switzerland, the technical delegations of Kosovo and Switzerland completed the negotiations and approved the latest text of the bilateral agreement on social securities.


The technical groups harmonized the general agreement, the administrative agreement, and the necessary forms that will be needed for implementing this agreement.


Today’s approval of this agreement paves the way for this agreement to pass the other procedures in respective states until its final approval and start of its implementation.


Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will continue to work at the same pace in order for this agreement to swiftly pass the needed procedures in Kosovo and to be ratified as soon as possible.


For two years of work, we managed to restore confidence in Kosovo institutions and provide a solution to a problem which has been present for over 5 years, by signing the first bilateral agreement in the field of social securities in the Republic of Kosovo. And most importantly, we managed to provide new opportunities to thousands of  our compatriots who have continuously contributed in building Kosovo.