The National Council for Safety and Health at Work discussed the activities so far and the tasks they are awaiting

Pristina, on 18 September 2018
The National Council for Safety and Health at Work today held a regular meeting, addressing important issues related to occupational safety and health, as well as to the activities of the Council in the coming days. Deputy Minister Mr. Çerkin Dukolli, who is also the chair of this Council, said that on the agenda of the ICRC activities, our further commitment to increase the safety and health at work remains the first priority.
On this occasion, he encouraged the Labor Inspectorate to increase its engagements in this direction, but at the same time appealed to employers to offer better working conditions in their workshops, with special emphasis on the construction sector.
The Council has unanimously approved to organize three business visits in various public and private sector companies. Likewise, members of the Council agreed that in mid December a table with various stakeholders to debate, safety and health at work should be organized with the sole aim of exchanging ideas and experiences on occupational safety and security as well more efficient in workplaces.
Also discussed today is the initiative for the Council for drafting the National Strategy, which will address the long-term issues of safety and health at work.