Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare even this year will continue the project to build houses for families of martyrs and those with poor social conditions, which are currently housed in containers in the neighborhood of Families of Martyrs in Balloc, Podujeve. Today for the second time was signed the agreement of the memorandum of cooperation between MLSW and Podujeva Municipality, respectively between Vice / Minister of MLSW, Mr. Fatmir Shurdhaj and Chairman of Podujeva Mr Agim Veliu. Under this agreement MLSW will fund and supervise the project during execution of works, while municipality will provide the legal infrastructure and municipal infrastructure to execute this project, will compile detailed projects to build houses according to the standards and construction law in Kosova. Municipal representatives will also participate in project surveillance during execution of works. Podujeva Municipality will establish a joint commission with the associations from KLA war, in order houses allocation for the beneficiaries of this project. With this agreement will only be achieved second phase, and the project is expected to continue in other phases of construction.

Following the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the signing of this decision by the Prime Minister, Mr. Hashim Thaci, to increase salaries for all employees in the public sector and pensions for all users of existing pension schemes, MLSW Minister, Mr. Nenad Rasic welcomes the decision of Prime Minister. This decision is further proof that the Government of Kosovo has always been and remains committed to improving the lives of the citizens of our country, in raising the standard of living, while aiming MLSW and its Minister Rasic care has been and remains and improving the life of citizens with special needs such as pensioners of all categories and other people in need.