Mr. Abrashi received a meeting with the leaders of the Association of KLA Invalids

Pristina, 31 January 2017


Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mr. Arban Abrashi, waited in the meeting Mr. Fadil Shurdhaj, head of the Association of War Invalids of the KLA and Mr. Enver Krasniqi, secretary of the association.

During the meeting Minister Mr. Abrashi and Mr. Shurdhaj, they talked about the work and needs of the association for 2017, namely the work of the Commission for veterans with disabilities from all areas of Kosovo and the continuation of the project for dentures war invalids, approved at the end of last year by the Government of Republic of Kosovo.

Minister Mr. Abrashi, said that after consultations and after completion of the list by the Commission, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare will open the application procedures for the review of the degree of disability for each veteran invalid, according to their application based on the procedures provided for application in scheme pensions and benefits provided by law.

According to discussions between the Minister Mr. Abrashi and the Mayor Mr. Shurdhaj, the completion and conclusion of the list of disabled invalids and veterans of war of the KLA expected to be completed soon and after that the ministry is obliged to perform legal obligations.