Deputy Minister Jashari, visited the family in Podujeva whose house was burned

Podujeva, 1st of February 2017


Today, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Besart Jashari, has visited the family of Bashkim Behluli in Podujeva.

The family of 12 members which lives in poor conditions, has their house burned last night. The family head, Behluli, is not able to work and the all his family depends on the disability pension, which according to him is not sufficient to survive. He has appealed to Deputy Minister Abrashi for help in order to rebuild the house, since with the pension that he gets he barely ensures existence for the family.


Deputy Minister Behluli, has expressed his compassion toward this case, which fortunately didn’t let any consequence on the members of this family. He had promised the head of the family, Bashkim Behluli, that he will be engaged for a quick solution for him and his family.

The family which ended up without shelter, is of the Ashkali communitty.