Continue the intensive meetings with the Minister Abrashi with the French authorities

Paris, on 11 February, 2016

During his visit in Paris, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Mr. Arban Abrashi met senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France led by Ms. Florence Mangin, director for Continental Europe and Mr. Guillaume Rousson, D / Director for the Balkans. At the meeting Minister Mr. Abrashi thanked the State of France for commitment and support given so far in Kosovo’s state-building process and stressed the need for a deeper cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the field of employment and training. The Director Ms. Mangin informed Minister Mr. Abrashi for preparations of the Paris Summit to be held in July this year, where the focus will be on the creation of new jobs and training. On this occasion Minister Mr. Abrashi and Ms. Mangin invited to send a team of experts at the European summit, where are invited the Balkan countries in order to achieve a concrete and tangible results.

Minister Mr. Abrashi also met with members of the National Assembly of France, members of the group of friendship Kosovo – France, led by MEP Geneviève Gosselin-Fleury. At this meeting Minister Mr. Abrashi thanked the friendship group for their role in the deepening of relations between Kosovo – France, stressing that such forums are the right way to build lasting friendships. The discussion focused mainly on the latest developments and the political and economic situation in Kosovo. MPs expressed readiness to support specific cooperation projects and ideas which presented Minister Mr. Abrashi.