The elderly’s home receives a donation of 20 thousand Euros

Today, the Home for the Elderly without families in Prishtina, on the eve of the new year holidays, has received a donation in the amount of 20 thousand Euros from NLB Bank. Present on this occasion was the Deputy Minister of MLSW, Vesel Makolli, who said that it is a pleasure to see that this institution is being helped.
 “It’s a pleasure when a person experiences life because not everyone experiences a third age. It is good and in the interest of residents to help this institution. Although it has its own budget line from MLSW, it still needs to be helped. Care for this category is also respect for God, ” said Mr. Makolli.
While the director of this house, Raze Aliçkaj said that they feel happy to have received this donation from NLB and thanked for the good will and for the support in advancing conditions of this house.
With this donation, there were purchased beds, mattresses, drawers, cupboards, curtains, furniture, stoves, washing machines, TVs, and the walls were repaired by the flow of water in the corridors and many parts of the house were improved.