Mr. Reçica in Germany: Migration for employment and vocational training brings benefits to Kosovo

At the invitation of the Chamber of Craftsmen of Munich and Upper Bavaria and the Association of Builders of Bavaria (LBB), Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Mr. Skender Reçica participated in the organization for the promotion of Kosovo students who are professionally trained in Germany, in the framework of the agreement between MLSW, German GIZ and other German partners, for education and vocational training of over 100 young people from Kosovo in the dual German system.

During his speech, Mr. Reçica said that the Kosovo population has a long experience in circuit migration from which many families from Kosovo have benefited and this tradition is continuing to develop further, expressing its gratitude to the German state.

“Our policies are geared towards reducing unemployment and increasing employment, and one of these policies is the education and vocational training and career orientation of our youth, and we strongly believe that this is the right path to achieve our goals,” the minister said.

In the framework of the organized event, the Minister met the President of the Chamber of Crafts of Munich and Upper Bavaria, Franz Xaver Peteranderl and representatives of LBB, as well as the young people who are training in the companies of the Association of Bavarian Builders different low and high construction profiles. Mr. Reçica congratulated these young people and urged them to commit themselves with dedication, because such a gathering of knowledge would open the way for a better life.

“Young people are the mirror of our state and we are striving to maximize opportunities for them. The skills and experience that these young people will get here in Germany will be translated into practice when they return to Kosovo and this will also affect the socio-economic development of the country, “said Mr. Reçica.

The Minister emphasized his commitment and MLSW to expand employment opportunities and vocational training. He thanked BMZ, GIZ / PME partners, the Bavarian Construction Association and the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavarian for willingness to cooperate, and said that it is very important that the cooperation between Kosovo and Germany becomes more concrete with the achievements of an agreement at federal level for seasonal and temporary employment of our citizens in various fields.