Mr. Reçica: We will be uncompromising towards those who do not respect occupational safety and health measures

In the framework of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr. Skender Reçica, together with the Chief Inspector of the Labor Inspectorate, Mr. Ekrem Kastrati, visited today one of the high construction sites in the capital, where they talked with close to employers and employees, to see the level of compliance with safety and health measures in the workplace.

Minister Mr. Reçica said that we will continue to be close to every worker in our country every day, to see how much their rights are being respected and how much work is being done to implement measures to protect their lives. We will continue to be uncompromising towards all those who do not respect these measures, said Minister Reçica.

Minister Mr. Reçica said that the progress achieved so far in terms of safety and health at work should be appreciated, despite the fact that we have not reached where we want. He also stressed that, compared to the past, we now have fewer cases of serious and minor injuries, and most importantly that the number of those who lost their lives this year, during activity in the workplace is the youngest, in which case I also express my sincere condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones.

“With a joint commitment and commitment, I believe that we will achieve progress, so that the employee feels more confident in the workplace and the employer also in carrying out its activity, as a business,” he said at the end of his speech. , Minister Skender Reçica.