Government allocates 2 million euros for STEM scholarships and IT training

Increasing employment is one of the main priorities of the Government, and gaining job skills is key for the country’s youth to have easier access to the labor market. For this reason, on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers, today at the 36th Meeting of the Government, 2 million euros were allocated for the operationalization of measure 1.5 – Training and Employment in IT, of the Economic Recovery Package.


This measure aims at financial support of students through scholarships, as well as training of young people for employment in the field of Information Technology. Respectively, pursuant to Measure 1.5, one million Euros (1,000,000 €) were allocated for subsidizing scholarships for girls in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and one million Euros (1,000,000 €) for the training of young graduates in the field of IT.

In line with the Government Program, the Ministry of Finance, Labor and Transfers is committed on taking the necessary actions to orient young talents in areas of public interest, whereas at the same time having high market demand. Thus, MFLT will continue to develop public policies which directly affect the increase of employment and increase of civic welfare.